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What to Wear for Your Senior Photoshoot

Flowy dresses are a must! Choose a flowy dress for the cutest poses (flowy being the key word there)! Whether it’s a mini or maxi, make sure it has plenty of fabric so you can twirl and move around with ease. Flowy dresses aren’t just comfortable and flattering for every body type, but they also allow […]

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What You Need to Know About Professional Prints vs Consumer Prints

Whether you’re a professional photographer who is obsessed with the finer points of images or just someone who wants high-quality prints of your favorite moments to hang in your home, you’ve probably wondered if professional prints are worth it or if consumer prints are the way to go.  Consumer print labs are affordable and convenient, […]

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How to Thank and Recognize Your Clients

Clients are the heartbeat of any business but especially one as personal as a photography business. They are your referrals, your published work, and obviously your source of income. Thanking and recognizing them for supporting your business can go such a long way and we’re here to share some ideas and tips to make them […]

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50 Spring Family Photo Ideas

Your family is constantly changing, and you want to capture every moment to savor and share. Although it would be amazing to have a professional photographer on hand to record it all, it’s easier than ever to take your own fun, flattering family photos. With a few neat tricks, you can turn smartphone snaps into mantel-worthy […]

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8 Wedding Elopement Myths & Facts

Adventure elopements are gaining steam in New England and across the country! You may have seen epic photos of couples getting married on rocky outcroppings with towering mountain peaks as their witnesses – photos of couples saying “I do” in enchanted forests or snowy fields. Adventure elopements are the stress-free, fun-filled, and memorable alternative to […]