How to Take the Best Photos of Your Road Trip

Just like many people, I love everything about road trips – the interesting destinations, the long stretches of driving and taking in the landscape, the perfect playlists, the unique kind of bonding with your trip-mates that can’t happen anywhere else. In order to make those vacation memories last as long as possible, I’ve gotten into the habit of photographing as much as I can; as a result, I learned a lot about what kinds of pictures make the best souvenirs even years later.

If you want to know how to capture your amazing road trip memories forever as photos, here are some of my tips for getting the best images out of your travel!

Personally, my fondest memories of road trips are not of specific sites and destinations we planned for, but more so the games I played in the backseat with my sister or the random unexpectedly fantastic roadside diners. If you want to capture the memories of your trip accurately, make sure your camera roll is more than just posed pictures in front of tourist destinations; blurry iPhone photos taken on a whim can be some of the most perfect encapsulations of a moment.

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